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Once I was diagnosed with a serious illness

I saw an advertisement by Marisa Peer pop up. The way she explained what RTT could do for someone immediately hit me. She explained how emotional blockages in the subconscious can be removed in an accelerated and lasting way that triggered me. She also explained how the mind works. How we create a problem with our mind. And how you could transform the cause of persistent patterns, by reprogramming deep-seated beliefs in the subconscious. In no time, you get rid of a pattern that has been stuck in your mind for years.

Once, I was diagnosed with a serious illness. I was 26 and still weighed 46kg. Since childhood, I had been involved in what is now called the spiritual world. Learning to understand my gift during the period when I became ill, I began to invest in my personal development. So I believe our body is there to teach us that we can transcend ourselves once we know how it functions. Ditto for the mind.

Once I realised that and gained experience of what our bodies and minds can handle, things started to move fast. Today, I work as an RTT therapist and coach because I have learned so much about nutrition, healing, exercise, sports, sleep disorders, burn-out, fear of failure, negative behaviour patterns and stress reduction. But still I hadn't got hold of that key. Everything was working but not fast enough. So I asked the universe: please let a solution come my way that allows me to help other people very efficiently and quickly. And then RTT came my way - it touched me immediately and I immediately started the training. Thanks to RTT, I have gained so much more insight into the workings of the mind and that, in turn, has helped so many clients.

Many times I have asked myself the question, "How was I able to be healed". And each time I got the same answer: I wanted to be cured. I didn't talk to anyone about my illness. Being sick was not the result but the beginning of many miraculous experiences.

Our beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves are going to have a big impact on how you feel and how you are in life. For instance, we can think ourselves completely depressed or we can learn to lift ourselves out of a negative spiral! By learning to look at things and your own thoughts in a different way, and learning how to let a strength emerge from a not-so-pleasant thought anyway, you're going to get a lot more control over your life yourself again!

Accepting can be learned. But letting go is one of life's most difficult challenges. It is, however, one of the most important skills you can make yourself. Accepting yourself, others, thoughts, feelings and situations gives peace, happiness and great satisfaction. Do you find it difficult to deal with desires, dissatisfactions or painful emotions? Learning to let go, helps counteract stress. This is because you then no longer try to exert control. You accept things much more as they are. And the good thing is: you benefit from this. You feel better, happier...

To understand what acceptance is, you must first know what it is not.

Acceptance is different from giving up and surrendering yourself to an attitude of passivity and it doesn't matter anymore. Instead, when you accept something, you are brave and active. You show compassion for yourself. Acceptance does not mean that you have to like what you accept. It doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to it or be 'at peace' with it. So you certainly don't have to be fine with your fears, loneliness, difficult relationship(s), obesity, broken heart or injustice. Instead, you choose to let the pain be there for what it is

Transform to lasting results

Imagine what your life would be like without emotional or physical pain: Free from fear, free from negative thoughts, free from limiting beliefs and blocks... RESET YOUR MIND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE Rapid Transformational Therapy delivers very fast, effective and permanent results and frees you from physical and emotional pain Transforming physical and emotional pain to lasting results

When the underlying problem is addressed through an RTT session, several positive changes can occur. Because RTT targets the subconscious mind, where many of our behaviours, habits and beliefs are stored, it can help replace limiting beliefs with new, positive ones.

As a result, you may experience more self-confidence, motivation and creativity, for example, which can help you be more successful as an entrepreneur. Also, any physical pains, health problems can be addressed, . You may have a better understanding of yourself and how to manage your behaviour and thinking after the session, which can help you make better decisions and get more satisfaction from your work as an entrepreneur. In short, RTT can lead to greater self-awareness, confidence and positive changes both personally and professionally.

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Insightful, compassionate and loving, Isabelle guides her clients to heal emotional conflicts and help them live extraordinary lives. I find it very important to listen carefully to your story, And I will tell you what the possibilities are.

And what I can do for you. I like to free you from your limiting beliefs, blockages or limiting behaviours so that you are fully in your back power. And To Unlock Your Dreams

RTT therapy : how it improves your health from the core

Recharging yourself with RTT: Imagine having good health every day of the year, a body that nourishes and energises you. You can, with RTT therapy: this is how it improves your health from the core RTT therapy is a great invention for getting through life healthily.

The power of positive thinking creates a positive mindset. With positive thinking, you are able to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. It is the easiest way to develop success and happiness in your life. And yet, it can be difficult. Practice yourself with these two simple rules and discover the power of positive thinking!Positive thoughts help you achieve your goals and enjoy your life. It's not easy to conjure up mostly positive thoughts, especially when life is against you for a while.

How you interpret a situation or experience, what meaning you give to it, colours your truth, so to speak. It determines whether you experience a situation as positive or negative. This is how we create our own reality, our world. Each of us has our own reality. If you have many negative, anxious or gloomy thoughts, stress can arise. We know from research that stress weakens the immune system and makes our body more susceptible to (infectious) diseases. Long-term stress is thereby more harmful than short-term stress. Long-term and chronic stress can also lead to all kinds of physical complaints including burnout.

More positive thoughts create more success and happiness in your life. You feel more comfortable in your own skin, experience more self-confidence and feel better about yourself. Positive thoughts benefit you more than negative thoughts. Yet we often think negatively. Compare your head to the hard disk of a computer. Your hard disk stores everything you have experienced in the past. Both positive and negative thoughts.You can delete, modify or refresh files from your hard disk through RTT.

So it is important to identify for yourself whether you are stuck in a negative thinking pattern. Because if so, you are more prone to stress. Think back to the last time you were ill. Did this precede a period when you were under greater (work) pressure? Were you brooding a lot or were there constant negative thoughts and feelings? Were you restless, nervous, gloomy or anxious? Did you realise how your negative thinking patterns and feelings were affecting your health? Did you have a lot of restlessness in your head? You can often recognise the signs by physical symptoms such as cramped shoulders and neck. Perhaps because you wanted to finish that extra job on time or really had to go to that extra appointment.

Being overwhelmed by emotions and thoughts. A period of utter distress, despair and feeling lost. It may not be unfamiliar to you, right? I know the feeling.

As difficult as this sounds, an emotion is just an emotion. Meanwhile, I know that despair, fear, upset, loneliness ... are all forms of emotions. "You have an emotion, but you are not the emotion", just as: "you have a thought, but you are not the thought". Everything is a thought. OK, that sounds a bit weird. Where do your feelings come from? Have you ever thought about this question? Exactly, from thoughts. So everything is a thought. You think something about something and then a feeling arises.

Actually, it is quite simple. Negative thoughts create a negative feeling. This feeling is also called fear. And positive thoughts create a positive feeling like gladness, joy or happiness.

Naturally, you want to feel mostly positive feelings. But it is difficult to change your feelings. How do you do it?Having negative thoughts is easy. When something unpleasant happens, we are very quick to think negatively. It has become standard. And that's not surprising either (think of the large amount of negative news in newsreels and newspapers).

Besides, many things can go wrong in life, and thinking about this in advance sometimes gives a sense of control. It is easy to react negatively because you are used to it. Negative thinking is like unhealthy eating. It's easy, it's satisfying and it doesn't nourish you. It makes you feel good in the short term, and bad in the long term.

If you are good at negative thinking, you can also excel at positive thinking. Do you actually realise this? All you have to do is focus your attention on other things - and you will automatically feel better. Positive thoughts are not always more true than negative thoughts, but they always make you feel better!

Simply put, there are two simple rules for developing fewer negative and more positive thoughts:

Close yourself off from negative influences Surround yourself with positive influences

Are your Body and Mind separate things? No way, the two work as one. Thoughts and emotions can play an important role in causing or maintaining physical complaints.

Another important fact is the Law of Attraction. This law explains that what your focus goes to, your thoughts and feelings go to, will also be your reality. You create your own reality. Like a magnet, you attract what corresponds to your reality. So if you feel down you will not be able to attract happy people, if you believe that you cannot have wealth in life then you will remain poor etc. So if you have positive thoughts, you are positive in life, then you attract positivity. With negative thoughts and negative emotions, you attract negativity! Use this science to attract the good things in life or like the selffulfilling prophecy: you get what you think and expect!