How my clients experienced their transformation?

Experiences of my clients are perhaps the most important reason to contact me.
No doubt you recognise certain situations in yourself.

Google ratings: 4.9 out of 5,based on 30 reviews

I recently came into contact with Isabelle through some friends who strongly recommended her to me an incredible woman! Her warm and gentle approach, the wisdom she possesses, the way she guides you are truly unique! I started the sessions not long ago and already now I feel transformed. The way I think, the peace I already feel inside,.... . Highly recommended, don't hesitate, just do it! 🙏☀️

An Meert

I met Isabel because I wanted and I truly needed to get rid of some limiting beliefs and fears that used to hold me back badly!
And she did it marvelously!!!
As a therapist myself, I'm always careful of who I can "trust" in working with me...I guess this is the price of being in this working area for so long 😅.
That's why I'm so impressed and grateful to Isabel for what we shared: she went above and beyond with her skills, attention, and energy.
I wish everyone to find a valuable, authentic, incredible therapist like Isabel - she is a real masterpiece and she's doing an outstanding job!
So, yes!
I recommend sessions and programmes with Isabel because she is effective, she has her client's best interests at heart, and she's inspiring every baby step you take with her!
If you are thinking of calling her for a session, do it! It's totally worth it!!!
Thank you again my dearest!

Marta Diana

The coaching process with Isabelle has taught me an enormous amount. And this in a gentle and loving way. Highly recommended and an enrichment of your life! Thank you Isabelle ❤️

Kim Wille

2 years ago, I participated in a series of online group sessions of RTT and got to know Isabelle. Her specific but also hugely energetic and enthusiastic approach had an impact on me quite quickly. The multiplicity of tools such as texts and recorded messages, music, personal ad hoc messages, are in my view unique. A few months ago, I called on her again because after a recent disappointment, I was in danger of losing my self-confidence yet again. The anxiety and blocking thoughts flooded into me like a churning river. This time I took individual sessions. With daily exercises. In a very nice and acceptable way, Isabelle did make me 'work' on myself every day, a 'mental training' that made me straighten my back, believe in myself again and radiate confidence to others. Isabelle activates, doesn't let go as a human being, until you are where you want to be. Even if she is far away, she is always nearby!

Anne Smets

Isabelle is really a top coach with a lot of experience.
The RTT (hypno therapy) she works with goes to the core, allowing blockages and beliefs in the subconscious to be addressed faster, resulting in a freer and happier life.

Stijn Verschoore

Isabelle has helped me get through my past and calm my negativity. There is still a lot of work, but we are on the right track.

Dimitri Glv