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How is your money mindset?

Money does not come naturally. Money doesn't make you happy. Money doesn't grow on your back. Money requires you to work hard. You have to be careful with money. You have to be frugal with money. You have to save a lot. I don't deserve to make a lot of money. I can't handle money. I have a hole in my hand. A lot of money is not for me. This is just one more handle from the range of beliefs there can be about money. Were you brought up with statements like "money doesn't grow on trees? To make a lot of money you will have to work very hard? People who make a lot of money are stingy?"

How is your relationship with money?

Did one or more sound familiar to you? Then you have come to the right place. Because you can start improving your money mindset here and today. Even if none of the above sounded familiar, you can improve your money mindset. After all, there is always room for improvement in it. Think of it as a muscle you can train. If you don't train or maintain the muscle then it will decline. If you do train and maintain it then you improve your relationship with money.

Examine what are your beliefs about money? Write them down for yourself.

The money mindset

Your Money Mindset, which is the way you think about money. What are your thoughts and beliefs about it? It's a bit of an abstract concept because you can't really grasp it. Personally, I understand by money mindset, your relationship with money and the beliefs (mindset) you have about money. So it's about the beliefs and perceptions you have about money. It is your perception of reality. This perception is subconsciously stored in your mind, in other words this is what you believe. It is what you believe, what you are convinced of, that you attract into your life. This immediately emphasises that developing a positive money mindset is very important.

Suppose you have the view: I am not worth charging high prices. You can probably imagine then that this is hindering your own growth. Following suit, you are probably asking too low prices compared to the value of the products/services you provide. Which means you need to serve a multitude of customers to achieve a specific revenue target.

Solution then often given: Then just raise your prices.This can be done, but if someone is convinced they are not worth it, this is not going to work. Before prices are possibly raised, there is work to be done regarding changing this belief - your money mindset via addressing the root cause in your subconscious. Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) is the only certified, globally acclaimed form of therapy that uses a multidimensional approach. That approach gets you to the core of what is holding you back.

You're looking for that breakthrough experience, life-changing therapy that finally frees you from feeling financially stuck or where you're stuck in your job, relationships or other circumstances that you'd rather lose than have. You are healing old, unresolved traumas that are standing in the way of you living a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Get rid of self-sabotage so you can start living instead of surviving.

Beliefs lead to a certain behaviour

Your money mindset is the relationship you have with money, the way you deal with it, and "How do you view it? Positive, negative, neutral? In itself, money is a neutral concept, but how we look at it directly affects how much of it we have, it has been proven.

Beliefs lead to certain behaviours. Not going to work full-time, not asking for a salary increase or keeping yourself small as an entrepreneur. So that ultimately affects how you are doing financially. It can bring you a lot if you develop a good relationship with money. Making sure you don't keep coming up short at the end of the month, for instance. Starting up for yourself or working less, putting more into good causes. You don't have to buy a Gucci bag.

Changing your money mindset starts with awareness. Think about how you look at money, what you feel about it, what thoughts you have about it, where they come from. . "If you don't know why you are going to work on something, you won't stick with it. I often hear from entrepreneurs that they are balking at the fact that everything that comes in flies right out again. Others find it annoying that they just don't stand up for themselves, don't dare ask for a pay rise, don't ask for a commission."

What is 'normal' for you when it comes to money? And do you ever stop to think that maybe your 'normal' is not so 'normal' at all? Your ideas about money, abundance, getting rich, entrepreneurship are often influenced by others. Parents, environment, society. And so you may be unconsciously and unintentionally repeating the other person's patterns. Patterns that block you and keep you away from the abundant life you too can live. Fortunately, you can change that. I am happy to help you with that, with a unique, personal and proven manifestation method and RTT therapy.


Over the past 20+ years, I have done a lot of research into what works and what does not. I have experimented a lot and I have also fallen flat on my face many times. But not for nothing; it helped me to create a great, clear manifestation method, combined with RTT and activating The Seed of the Divine Garden. Not a standard strategy, but a way for you to discover exactly where your flow of abundance is and how to dissolve blockages in it. So you can continue to grow in the greatness that lies within you.

So Get rid of peaks and troughs. Just always earn well and make an impact with what you are good at. That's where I help you.

I show you exactly what is inside you and how you can get it out, so that you can improve your relationship with yourself, with the people around you and with money, earn more and create your ideal life.

Are you the go-getter who feels there is more to life than you are getting out of it? And do you wish yourself the best in it?

By transforming deep-seated beliefs and addressing underlying emotions, RTT strives for lasting behavioural changes regarding money and finance.

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Insightful, compassionate and loving, Isabelle guides her clients to heal emotional conflicts and help them live extraordinary lives. I find it very important to listen carefully to your story, And I will tell you what the possibilities are.

And what I can do for you. I like to free you from your limiting beliefs, blockages or limiting behaviours so that you are fully in your back power. And To Unlock Your Dreams